Brooklyn Bound Soccer Club

Brooklyn Bound SC Represented at Street Soccer USA in Times Square!

On August 3rd, 2014, a group of nine individuals selflessly volunteered at the last minute to compete on behalf of Brooklyn Bound SC in Street Soccer USA’s New York Cup . The organization uses soccer to raise funds to create new urban mini-soccer fields and empower the underserved youth, the homeless, and those in recovery with the skills they need to get into the workforce wherein 75% of the people who joined their program have found a job within a year.

In the group stage, three games of two 7 minute halves were played with teams of four players with substitutions allowed. As it was their first time together and without much of a warm-up, our team unsurprisingly lost to a scoreline of 8-0 to the Pharaohs who were clearly strong on the offense and in tune in defending as well, with their goalkeeper a wall on many of Brooklyn’s scoring chances. Watching their other games, they overpowered our next opponent NYC Mexico. The team put up a good strong fight with the score ping ponging back and forth until Mexico took the lead and scored another goal ensuring their victory to a scoreline of 6-10. In the first two games, we were penalized for not adhering to the rules of only two defenders on our half and no one in the red oval on either side of the field. In our ultimate game, the team started to get used to the play and getting familiar with each other scoring first against Times Square FC. Unfortunately, they brought in some well timed substitutions which overwhelmed Brooklyn’s haphazard defense ending 4-8 in favor of Times Square FC and us out of the Cup.

We want to thank Street Soccer USA for holding the event and allowing us to play in Times Square helping to grow soccer and giving a leg up for those in need.

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