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Brooklyn Bound SC Fall 2015 Tryout Results

We’ve reviewed our notes of both tryouts and we’ve put together a list of players we feel fit for what we are seeking to accomplish. Names marked with AA/AB are ready to be placed into the squad immediately. Names marked with BA are those we would like to review and test further. ( CA – Has not tried out, listed as trialist)

  • AA – Anadia, Reynaldo
  • AA – Bayryyev, Dovlet
  • AA – Bowden, Tom
  • AA – Bravo, Francisco
  • AA – Guerra, Joshua
  • AA – Hernandez, Walter
  • AA – Lesperance, Loyd
  • AA – Luiggi, Mamami
  • AA – Martinez, Johnathan
  • BA – Ponce, Miguel
  • AB – Shum, Gordon
  • AA – Smith, Sean
  • AB – Ruiz, Juan
  • AA – Turley, Adam
  • CA – Wasswa, Jexlee Charles
  • AB – Zumbado, Joshua

Names on this list have not yet been confirmed. Letters will go out via USPS that must be read thoroughly and a letter must be mailed back confirming your placement on the team.  A team meeting will be announced for sometime in late May or Early June. Informal meetings may take place prior to official meeting.

If you feel we have made a mistake with the results and do not see your name listed above, please email Rodger Turley:

Official state issued identification is necessary to play for Brooklyn Bound SC.

Post Tryout Results Coming Soon

Results from the tryouts will be posted up in a week, acceptance/confirmation letters will go out as well.  All letters should be in by next Friday.